Snow in Berlin

I wrote most of the update below on Wednesday, until I was distracted with the news of an attempted coup in Washington D.C. We stayed up late that night watching the news. It made us angry and frustrated. Sadly, we were not surprised.

But now, as we anxiously wait for the next 1.5 weeks, we wanted to share some happy news from Berlin.

It snowed last Sunday! According to a cursory internet search, this is the first “real” snow in Berlin since 2017. There have been minor snow flurries, including one in March 2020, but this is the first snow sticking and staying on the ground for a few days.

It started to snow when Paige had taken Tessa out for a morning walk. She had not worn the right coat for real snow and came home covered in white. I celebrated the snow day by throwing on my running shoes and doing a slow run through one of our favorite neighborhood parks, Volkspark Friedrichshain.

Later in the day, we took Tessa for a long walk in Tiergarten, the large park in Berlin. Tessa has always enjoyed snow in Tahoe and was pretty happy camper.

The park was busy (Tiergarten is so big that it was easy to avoid others) with people enjoying the exciting weather scene and playing. Some people in the park had even created snow people.

We walked all the way back to our house soaking in the city. The snow briefly turned to drizzle and then went back to snow. The birds did not seem to enjoy the snow.

Despite temperatures in the lower 30s all week, the leftover snow eventually melted. There are some potential snow days in future weather reports but we doubt it. Perhaps that is the only snow we’ll get in 2021, but it was fun while it lasted.



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