This post was written by Justin

A few weeks ago, we said goodbye to Tessa. Many mornings since, I’ve tried to write about how I’ve felt about Tessa’s passing. I’ve thought that writing about it — like other obstacles/challenges/traumas in my life — would help me process emotions. For me…

written by Justin

We’ve been a bit quiet on our McClarKinnon posts as it has been a busy and hectic summer.

Life update — we moved! After 20 months in Prenzlauer Berg, we moved to a flat in the neighborhood of Nollendorfkiez. …

Written by Justin

Apologies in advance — this post is a downer. This update discusses the death of our cat and a cancer diagnosis for our dog. And it is LONG. We won’t be offended if you immediately click the back button and not read this post.

Over the last…

written by Justin

For the past few years, I’ve looked through the previous year’s photos during the first week of January and selected a favorite from each month. I put off this activity until now because I didn’t have the concentration or energy for introspection of 2020. …

I wrote most of the update below on Wednesday, until I was distracted with the news of an attempted coup in Washington D.C. We stayed up late that night watching the news. It made us angry and frustrated. Sadly, we were not surprised.

But now, as we anxiously wait for…


These are the adventures of Paige and Justin as we live and travel abroad.

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